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    Investment Field
    • Cord blood banks
      The umbilical cord blood is a kind of blood reserved in the placenta and umbilical cord after the fetus is delivered and the umbilical cord is ligatured and detached, which is normally abandoned and u
    • Gene Detection
      There are more than 6,000 kinds of diseases for human, how can we prevent? Flu is coming, prevent flu; Hepatitis B is coming, prevent Hepatitis B; SARS is coming, prevent SARS; AIDS is coming, prevent
    • Cell Therapy
      In the immune system of human body, there are two kinds of special immune function cells for tumor cell, one is the antigen presentation cell which can activate antigen presentation and inhibit tumor
    • Beauty and health care
      Beauty and health is consistent with the concept of combining the basic needs of human nature, more driving in health promotion concept, let your body, mind and spirit is good, the implementation of i
    • Low temperature medicine
      Hypothermia therapy and hypothermia therapy alone does not necessarily kill the cells, however, in a certain way, the cells can survive or die.